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  • Dasok Injection

    Produced by the collaborative efforts of Korean and Western medicine

Korean Medicine & Western Medicine

Expertise from both worlds came together
to unearth the one & only solution.

Dasok Injection

What is the Dasok Injection?

  • Dasok Injection
  • A solution that takes care of both your health and body line.

    Dasok Injection is a focused treatment only available at Daeat invented by the brand’s hospital of Korean medicine after extensive research and concernment on the nature of body fat.

    Body flab & cellulite is not just mere fat but firm degenerated subcutaneous tissue trapped within and it takes the right mix of ingredients and concentration to successfully treat it.

The principle of fat dissolving injections

  • infusion of lipolytic agents

    The fat dissolving solution developed by Daeat is injected in troubled spots destroying the fat cells.

  • decrease in adipocyte count

    The destroyed fat cells are then naturally emitted as waste matter, reducing the number of fat cells.

The characteristics of Dasok Injection

a division Regular fat dissolving injections Dasok Injection
Action on fat cells By reducing the size of the fat cells, cell size may enlarge again overtime. By destroying and reducing the number of fat cells, number of cells tend to not re-accumulate.
Safety Steroid is used for accelerated results increasing the risk of side effects. By using a solution safely developed by the collaborative efforts of Korean and western medicine, plus exercising precaution to one’s individual body condition, side effects are very rare.
Bruise・Swelling 2~3 days Minimal
Recovery Time Immediate Immediate
※ Depending on the individual some may experience temporary bruising or swelling.

Dasok Injection Results

  • Fat Reduction
    Effective fat reduction by destroying fat cells.
  • Cellulite Improvement
    Cellulite is reduced by dissolving the trapped subcutaneous fat tissues.
  • Skin Elasticity Improvement
    Promotes collagen synthesis improving skin elasticity.
  • Body Sculpting
    Tightens the skin and muscle layers resulting in a smoother body line.

Dasok Injection Before & After

  • Abdomen before

    Abdomen 4 months after

  • Abdomen before

    Abdomen 4 months after

  • Upper Arms before

    Upper Arms 3 months after

  • Thighs before

    Thighs 3 months after

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  • Dasok Injection
  • Pay attention to specific areas you want to lose weight in

    Losing the weight itself does not always promise you a beautiful body line. The key to achieving a beautiful body line is to combine weight loss & efforts of normalizing your body functions and lymphatic circulations through the elimination of edema and unnecessary waste matters.

    With the various high frequency, medium frequency, and ultrasonic medical slimming therapy machines we are able to help boost lymphatic circulation, loosen up cellulite, and stimulate the skin layers to increase collagen formation.

    Furthermore, slimming therapies are able to focus on size reduction in specific areas of the body helping you achieve a bulge-free, smooth body line.

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